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May 19, 2018


  • Pro Choice Saturday 12pm @ YMCA Community Room 310 E Charles St.

    Pregnant women have a right to medically accurate, unbiased information. But they're unlikely to get it at so-called crisis pregnancy centers. On Saturday, May 19, Muncie Resists and Planned Parenthood will host "Real Choice," a teach-in about CPCs and reproductive health at noon in the YWCA community room, 310 E Charles St., Muncie. This is a response to First Choice for Women's annual "Walk for Life." The Real Choice panel will include: -- Caity Placek, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Ball State; -- Meaghan Winters, journalist and author of "What Some Pregnancy Centers Are Really Saying to Women With Unplanned Pregnancies" (Cosmopolitan); -- Jessica Bunch, Community Organizer with Planned Parenthood; -- Cindy Evans, PhD, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner from Open Door.