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  • Muncie Events: Only events taking place in Muncie may be posted.
  • Events Only: In general, advertisements for services offered by businesses (such as sales) and deadlines are not considered events and may not be posted.
  • Public Events: Only events open to the general public (not counting age restrictions) and relevant to the general public may be posted. Private events, members-only events, or events that only pertain to specific group are disallowed. Events that can only be attended by people who attended previous events fall under "members only", and as such, only the first meeting of multiple-day classes may be posted if subsequent meetings are restricted to only enrolled students.
  • Virtual Events: Virtual events may be posted if they are live video broadcasts being made from a location in Muncie or virtual meetings hosted by Muncie groups that are open to the public to attend. Live broadcasts should be performances, educational presentations, or otherwise beneficial and interesting to the general public. Streams of a personal nature, gaming streams, and streams which are primarily for a non-local audience are not a great fit for promotion through Muncie Events.
  • Significant Events: Ongoing events that take place very frequently (such as unspecific live music at a coffee shop every day) may not be posted.
  • One Post Per Event: Duplicate entries for the same event are not allowed. If an event has been posted multiple times, all postings after the first will be removed. At the administrators' discretion, the posting with more complete, detailed, and/or accurate information may be retained, even if it was not posted first.
  • Language: To be considerate of our wide and diverse audience, offensive language is not allowed. In general, any words that would be censored on television are not allowed in posted events.
  • Adult-Oriented Events: Any events of a sexual nature or with any other content inappropriate for an audience under 18 years of age must include the 'adult-oriented' tag so that it can be filtered out by users requesting only events appropriate for all ages.
  • Formatting: An event's title should not redundantly include information entered into other fields, such as location name, date, address, cost. Using CAPS LOCK FOR EMPHASIS and other unpleasantly-formatted text is not allowed.
  • Questions? Please email if you have any questions.

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For Ball State locations, enter the location name as "(building name), Ball State University" and put the room number or other details in the 'location details' field. This helps avoid accumulating a large number of names in our database that all refer to the same location and helps people find your event more easily.

Not sure what a Ball State building is officially called? Check out this list of all Ball State buildings.

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