3 Past Events at The Quad, Ball State University

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Sep 14, 2013


  • Muncie Zombie Walk 2013 3pm to 5pm @ The Quad, Ball State University
    Cost: A few non perishable food items for humans or animals.

    The Zombie Apocalypse is coming to Muncie, Indiana and you're among the infected!
    That's right folks, your friends at Scarevania Haunted House and Grace Village Campus Ministry are putting together Muncie's very first Zombie Walk, and it's for a good cause!

    Last year we had around 350 zombies! we raised over a thousand pounds of food for charity and around $1000 for charity in shirt sales!

    When- Saturday, September 14th, Infection (Gathering) at 3pm, Shambling/Walking at 4pm

    Who- Anyone, this event is all ages.

    Where- The walking dead will gather at the forested Quad on Ball State's campus, shamble their way through the heart of campus on McKinley Avenue, make a loop around the Bell Tower, and return to where the outbreak began in the Quad.

    Why- Besides the obvious fun reasons, this event will be collecting canned food items to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank and Animal Rescue Fund (ARF). Participants are asked to bring AT LEAST a few non-perishable food items or pet food items.

    What- Exactly what it sounds like. It's a bunch of people...dressed like zombies...walking. Seriously though, haven't you always wondered how it would look to see a bunch of zombies overrunning your town? This is meant to be a fun event that will give you the feel of being in your favorite zombie movie/show/comic. They've been going on for years in other cities and they've raised A TON of food for charities.

    All of that being said. Start planning your costumes now! We're looking for lots of creativity. There will be contests for best costumes in several categories and some cool prizes. Please show up in costume!

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