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Mar 1, 2018


  • Downtown Flea Market Oddities & Antiques GRAND OPENING 12pm to 12:42pm @ Downtown Flea Market Oddities & Antiques Next to Heorot 227 S Walnut St

    We are bringing something different Downtown, a specialized boutque

    So a new Boutique is opening Downtown Muncie at 227 Walnut. Right next to the Herot. I am marketing and leasing spaces and answering questions.

    What is so exciting about this store is it will have booths for rent just like in a Flea Market. But a unique flea market that will have the best of the best vendors of Home Goods, Antiques, and Oddities. 

    Some vendors needed are:

    Home Goods/Decor well displayed and willing to work your booth once a week to renew items.

    Antique dealers

    Oddities. So you own some strange things or you feel your product is unique? Please be sure to ask about booth or showcase space. 

    New item vendors, able to display well and willing to restock 1 time per week. 

    There will only be 30 vendors so your competition within the store will be minimal. What is even more interesting is this store will also be selling online through their own marketplace, Etsy, and Ebay. 

    I am the marketing director so you better believe your items will be well marketed and the store very well advertised. 

    Inbox me with questions if I do not have an answer I will get it to you asap. 

    Booth spaces, showcases, shelving, wall spaces and racks will be for rent.

    We expect it to fill quickly.