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Feb 20, 2010


  • Freakshow a Go Go 7pm to 2am @ Center Stage 306 S. Walnut St.
    Cost: General Admission $3, VIP table seating $12
    Ages: 21+

    In Conjunction with Muncie Gras:

    Live entertainment direct from the world of wonders.
    It's Vicki Condor the 4-legged woman. - That's four feet, twenty toes. What else? Who knows!
    Freakshow Foley-
     The world's strangest strong man and sword swallower. 
    - Who doesn't love them!
    Go-Go Girls
    - That will make you go Ga Ga.

    Compete for Cash prizes!

    Ladies, join the wet t-shirt contest
    Guys, join the sandwich eating contest

    Hosted by a washed-up Elvis impersonator
    General Admission $3
     Limited tickets! Get them while you can!
    VIP Table Seats $12
       Enjoy the luxury of table service, a private VIP bar, and room to kick back and party down. Have a group of 4 or more? Reserve a table now! Extremely limited number available!

    Get your tickets at The Heorot at 219 S. Walnut St.
    For more info, contact FreakshowFoley@yahoo.com
    Note: Admission to this event does NOT include admission into Muncie Gras.

Oct 23, 2010


Feb 19, 2011


Mar 17, 2011


May 7, 2011


May 14, 2011


Dec 16, 2011


Dec 17, 2011


  • Cloud Nothings 10pm to 12:42pm @ Center Stage 306 S. Walnut, Muncie
    Cost: $8
    Ages: 18+

    On December, 17th Cloud Nothings will be returning to Muncie, IN to perform at Center Stage!

    The group will be playing in support of their upcoming album "Attack on Memory" out on Carpark, January 24th and recorded with the legendary Steve Albini. Be some of the first to see some of their new material live and come enjoy our great drink specials at Backstage Bar. Also playing will be Muncie band Cowboy Angels.

    $8 @ the Door

    $2 Wells
    $2 PBR Tall Boys


    "Though Baldi figured out pretty quickly how to deliver his hooks in a variety of styles (see: the post-punk squall of "I Am Rooftop" or the AM-radio twinkle of "Strummin'") his strength lies in always giving straight-ahead pop mechanics license to spazz out. Verses boast sharp fangs, choruses beg repeating, and everything is presented with throaty conviction."

    -Pitchfork Media


    "Whatever his recording budget, every cut has been spring-loaded with pop smarts, and in July, Baldi took some new ideas into the studio with producer (and Shellac frontman) Steve Albini in Chicago — a move akin to sending your songbook to the weight room for a summer."


Jan 26, 2012


  • Penny Thursdays w/ DJ Dimitry @ Center Stage 12pm to 12:42pm @ Center Stage 306 S. Walnut
    Cost: $5 at the Door
    Ages: 18+

    Come join us at Center Stage every Thursday as DJ Dimitry pumps out today's greatest dance music.

    Center Stage boasts the largest dance floor in Muncie and is the only place with two bars that is (18)+ friendly.

    $5 cover gets you your choice of penny beer mugs or penny well liquor! (21)+ only.

    Those under 21 are welcome to join in the dancing for $5 at the door.

    The bus stops outside of Cleo's all night and provides FREE transportation for anyone wanting to go downtown and back until 3:00 a.m.

    *There will be ZERO tolerance for under-age drinking and Muncie police officers will be present.

Feb 2, 2012


  • ''Wrong Receptacle'' : An Art Opening 5pm to 10pm @ Center Stage
    Cost: $5 at the Door after 10 PM
    Ages: 18+

    Center Stage is proud to announce its participation in Downtown Muncie's First Thursdays. Wrong Receptacle: An Art Opening invites you to experience an alternative art environment. 

    Join us 5-8 PM Feb 2nd for complimentary wine tasting and snacks. On view will be work by the following artists:

    • Hannah Barnes 
    • Jon Faloon 
    • Camilla Oldenkamp
    • Morgan Higby-Flowers
    • Alex Lutian
    • Chase Craig
    • Felicity Young

    Or come late, after you've made the rounds because following the light opening will be an after-party with penny wells and penny draft beers for $5.

    DJ Dimitry will be spinning from 10-CLOSE with a video installation by Morgan Higby-Flowers projecting onto the stage during the dance party.

    FREE UNTIL 10 PM (18)+ ALL NIGHT!!!

Feb 5, 2012


  • LADIES NIGHT: Bleached, The Black Belles and Slothpop 8pm to 12:42pm @ Center Stage
    Cost: $5 for Ladies / $10 for Lads
    Ages: 21+

    This will be a night of all female fronted bands!

    Bleached (Ex Mika Miko) will be headlining fresh off their recently awarded ''Best New Track'' honor on music website giant Pitchfork.com.

    Also performing will be ''The Black Belles'' (Jack White's label ''Third Man'') whom you may have caught on Comedy Central's ''The Colbert Report'' late last year.

    Indianapolis' Slothpop will open the night out.

    This will be the first stop on the Bleached/Black Belles tour so make sure to come out and show these ladies your support.

    $5 Ladies
    $10 Lads

    *Pre-sale tickets will go on sale Jan. 16th at "Village Green Records", ''Cleo's Bourbon Bar'' and ''The Silo''.
    *Tickets sold at the door the day of the show
    *Music from all bands available at Village Green Records

    "Prior to the band's breakup last year, Los Angeles' Mika Miko gained reputation for their energetic live performances, as well as the spiny, hooky punk let loose in songs like "I Got a Lot (New New New)". From the ashes of that band rises Bleached, a duo comprised of MM's Jessica and Jennifer Clavin. Bleached's brand of jangly guitar-pop is more streamlined than Mika Miko, and early singles "Think of You" and "Searching Through the Past" will have a few reaching for Best Coast comparisons." - Pitchfork.com

Aug 16, 2012


Aug 17, 2012


  • BOOMBOX & MC Sparkplug 8pm to 3am @ Center Stage 306 South Walnut Muncie, Indiana 47305
    Cost: $10
    Ages: 21+

    This is BoomBox's Muncie Debut & MC Sparkplug will be opening!



    Here's our Facebook Link for the event!



    BoomBox consists of two versatile producers, DJs, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and longtime friends Russ Randolph and Zion Rock Godchaux. Together they develop an electronic blend of vintage Rock and Blues made to move dance floors while incorporating their signature Backbeat, Psychedelia and Funky House sounds. Applying a multi-track platform, they are free to create their hybrid style on the fly with a rhythm that moves fans and opens them up to Godchaux and Randolph’s overall vision. Derived from the rich musical history of Muscle Shoals, AL, to the psychedelic rock and underground electronic scenes of the west coast, their unique approach can only be achieved by the blending of sound and culture.BoomBox’s first release, Visions of Backbeat, contained the breakout song "Stereo" that built the foundation for their rapidly growing fan base. After years of steady touring and honing their sound, they released their sophomore effort, downriverelectric, and was hailed by critics as a progressive follow up effort. BoomBox are continuously working on new releases, using a blend of programming and live instrumentation with both members on drums, Randolph on keys, and Godchaux on guitar, bass and vocals.Each live show is unique to the venue and the crowd, who are the driving force of the rhythmic BoomBox experience. “It’s all natural, it’s all in real time, and that’s why it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll”, says Godchaux. Traditional set lists are never created prior to shows, instead, BoomBox chooses the music based on the atmosphere, to create a one-of-a-kind experience for fans. Randolph adds, “We just want to go out with no game plan. That way it’s fresh for us, and we can follow the energy of the crowd. We’re down to get down, and we hope that people are down with us.”

Aug 18, 2012


Aug 23, 2012


Aug 24, 2012


  • COSBY SWEATER, Kaleidoscope Jukebox & Turtle Matt "BACK TO SCHOOL DANCE PARTY" 8pm to 3am @ Center Stage 306 South Walnut Street Muncie, Indiana 47305
    Cost: $5
    Ages: 21+

    *Cosby Sweater Bio:

    Cosby Sweater is a new and vibrant voice in live electronic music. The versatile trio is comprised of David Embry (DJ Embry-O, Embryonic Fluid) on production and vocals, Nicholas Gerlach (The Twin Cats) on Tenor Saxophone and EWI and Richard “Sleepy” Floyd (The Native Sun) on drums.

    Cosby Sweater’s members are all experienced in the music scene and are looking to take their new sound around the United States and beyond. David is a sought after producer in the scene and has opened for groups like Big Gigantic and EOTO in the last year performing under the moniker DJ Emry-O. Sleepy is a first call jazz drummer in the Indianapolis Jazz and Hip-Hop scenes and has backed up and acted as music director for rappers and producers like Elzhi and Black Milk. Gerlach is a mainstay on the Midwest jam scene in his group The Twin Cats who have been touring the area extensively for years. He has appeared on the ESPN show SportsNation numerous times and has also appeared on stage with artists like DJ Logic, Umphrey’s Mcgee, Dumpstaphunk and Mike Clark of the Headhunters along with numerous other sit ins.

    This group is poised to use their combined experience to create a new sound that will turn the electronic and jam scenes on their ears. Their strength lies in their high energy live shows and genre bending tracks. Cosby Sweater is already gaining momentum after just a few live shows and is working towards the release of their first EP in the coming months.

    *Kaleidoscope Jukebox Bio:

    You're about to embark on a very exciting adventure.
    A journey which along the way will bring to you new color, new dimension and a new experience. Let your minds eye go wild.

    Every atom of your being is animated by its action.

    From an invisible source comes blunted breaks, deep bass, ethnic elements from around the world, lush keyboards,warm brass and samples from the caverns of yore...

    The music emitting from this jukebox takes you on a kaleidoscopic journey thru the past, present and future. A deep space beam which hints at dub, hip hop, downtempo, soul, funk, latin, jazz. 
    All captured forever in Hi-Fi.

    ...I am one with its rhythm...

    While Kaleidoscope Jukebox is centered around the production of Clint Carty, he is very thankful to work with such great artists as Andrew, Aaron, Meredith, Eric and others. Bless you all!


    *Turtle Matt:


Aug 30, 2012


Aug 31, 2012


Sep 6, 2012


  • Silent D Presents: DANNY THE WILDCHILD!! 8pm to 3am @ Center Stage 306 South Walnut Street Muncie, Indiana 47305
    Cost: $10! $1 off with Can Good Donation, $1 off with Student ID, $1 off with Out of State ID
    Ages: 21+

    Silent D Presents: Thursday BASS!!!


    Genre - Jump Up Dance Floor Drum & Bass
    Label's - Sound Solution Digital, FineBeats Audio, Combat Records.
    Crew's - MIA Chicago, Compression San Francisco

    Websites - http://www.myspace.com/dannythewildchild

    Danny the Wildchild aka Daniel Garcia was born on the South side of Chicago in 1977. The brother of a once aspiring DJ, he keenly watched and quickly learned the tricks of the trade. Danny began djing at age nine soon surpassing his brother’s abilities and eventually inherited his equipment and records. At twelve, Danny entered a Chicago area contest for young DJ’s and won. He took home that fifty-dollar prize and was called “The Wildchild” from that day forward.

    Although Danny’s roots were as a Hip-Hop DJ, he was eventually introduced into the Chicago Rave scene and to the world of drum-n-bass. He enjoyed this new form of music, but also loved hip-hop and began to creatively blend the two genres creating a unique sound of his own. As Danny’s turntable talents grew, he began to incorporate scratching and DMC style battle tricks into his Drum-n-Bass sets. His precise mixing skills and unique style and sound gave him the opportunity to bring Drum-n-Bass into the DMC and Hip-Hop scenes.

    Danny’s recognition has earned him a collection of praises from domestic and international magazines such as Mixer, Thousand Words, Faqt, and Lotus to name just a few. Danny was also featured as one of the people making waves in the scene in Urb’s Next 100 Artists to Watch Issue. When he’s not on the road mixing it up at clubs and festivals across the U.S., he can be found teaching a scratch course at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago.

    Miles "Mauser" Holt
    Synapsis Recordings, Soul Magnifique, Plan B Recordings, Generator Recordings, Chocolate Industries, Skulljakkx, IllProd, Indecence Recordings. Chicago/Champaign.
    Miles is a pioneer in the acid and techno genres. A true Acid House producer who's imagination for sound design is second to none. Since the 90’s , Miles has been in the dance music trenches, DJ'ing, and producing records that have been revered by artist the world around. He is also credited for bringing Schranz Techno to the mid-west. Miles stepped out of the scene for a while to raise his two children with the love of his life, and shifted his main musical focus to production. There is nothing typical about his music or his dj’ing performances. Miles started dj’ing when it was an art form. He used 3 turntables, effects, and was one of the few artist at the time to use a laptop to incorporate his live pa material into his sets. Miles explores and plays genres he enjoys, but his home is Hard Techno and Chicago Acid House. He finds a way to perfectly fuse the genre’s together and adds a special touch of class when the chemistry of the music complements each other. He uses any format necessary from vinyl, laptop, and analog gear if it fits. Miles is one of those rare artist who knows his music and respects the history. He is as energetic as his music and always will be.

    Hakim Murphy
    Plan B Recordings/ Champagne, IL/Acid House/Deep House
    Hakim Murphy is a producer/dj from the Chicagoland area who's musical style ranges from House to Techno. Hakim's journey begin as a dancer in Chicago as a lot of his musical influences come from Larry Heard, Robert Armani, Dance Mania, Relief, and Cajual records. As a Chicago footwork dancer, Hakim gradually became inspired by the music and began playing records in 1996. Since then Hakim has ventured into production work and eventually founded two records labels in 2008: Machining Dreams; and Synapsis Records with Avondale Music Society.

    www.machiningdreams.wordpress.com%2F&h=sAQG0cv1z&s=1" target="_blank">http://www.machiningdreams.wordpress.com/
    www.soundcloud.com%2Fhakimmurphy&h=kAQFt-7tN&s=1" target="_blank">http://www.soundcloud.com/hakimmurphy
    www.myspace.com%2Fdjhakimmurphy&h=OAQFcFP6N&s=1" target="_blank">http://www.myspace.com/djhakimmurphy
    www.discogs.com%2Fartist%2FHakim%2BMurphy&h=nAQGf5De3&s=1" target="_blank">http://www.discogs.com/artist/Hakim+Murphy

    21+ Event
    $1 off with Can Good Donation
    $1 off with Student ID
    $1 off with Out of State ID


Sep 20, 2012


  • GOOD GRAVY "Colorado Bluegrass" 8pm to 3am @ Center Stage
    Cost: $5-10
    Ages: 21+

    Bluegrass ~ Acoustic Fusion ~ Jam Roots

    Good Gravy’s flavor can be described as a contemporary approach to American roots music or Americana. Within their recipe, are the remnants of bluegrass, rock, folk, jazz, and even caribbean music. This band has an eclectic earthy palette that is even furthered by the use of improvisation, a hard driving rhythm section, and occasional electric instrumentation.

    While reaching phenomenal energy levels with their acoustics, Good Gravy pushes their music even further wh

    en they use electrics. The artistry and intermittent use of the electrics produces a dynamic story throughout their live shows that is unparalleled. Captivating melodies, thick vocals, intriguing dynamics, and intense improv jams, this bands imagination is fresh in the live music scene. Good Gravy is said to “melt the heart, as well as the face.”

    Original techniques in the composition of their music is paired with influences that are evident. Ensuing the paths of the defining bands in the “jam” scene of Colorado, artists such as the String Cheese Incident, Yonder Mountain String Band, and Leftover Salmon are obvious inspirations. Guaranteed to throw down everything from psychedelic dance beats to slamming bluegrass this modern band takes acoustic song writing to new and exciting realms.