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Aug 28, 2010


  • Dekiti Tirsia Siradis Kali Seminar (Filipino martial arts) 10am to 5:30pm @ Bowlings Karate Country 1222 East McGalliard Road
    Cost: $65

    Join us this Saturday to learn from living legend Grand Tuhon Nene Tortal, the head of the Dekiti Tirsia Siradis Kali system. Wear comfortable clothes and prepare to learn a lot and sweat your ass off.

    Quoting Guro Cory Ballinger:

    Grand Tuhon is an extremely fun and full of high energy individual. He's from bocolod area in the Philippines. His grand father was the creator of one of the most highly recognized and sought out system of martial arts in the world today. The DTS (Dekiti Tirsia Siradis Kali) system is a combative (meaning military and special forces, special police forces) extreme form of self defense. It basic foundations are on the control, defensive/offensive nature of edged and impact, projectile weapons. But make no bear about it. DTS has a pretty henious empty hand filipino boxing and dumog side to it as well.. None the less if your a martial arts enthusiast or military, law enforcement personel, you will walk away from this seminar with a new found understanding on footwork, defense and offense to the edged weapon world.